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Certified Meta Front-End Developer

About me

As a Meta certified Front-End developer, I bring a solid educational background in Modern Computer Science from the College of Applied Technical Sciences in Niš, Serbia. With expertise in Front-End development and UI/UX design, I am highly skilled in React, utilizing its component-based architecture, virtual DOM, and state management to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces. Additionally, am familiar with other libraries and frameworks such as Angular, Vue, showcasing adaptability and versatility in working with diverse technologies based on project requirements.

My proficiency in CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS for styling projects is evident, along with a strong understanding of vanilla CSS. This allows for flexibility in choosing the best approach for each project, considering specific requirements and constraints. Furthermore, my expertise in UI/UX design goes beyond coding, encompassing aesthetics, usability, and user experience, with experience in wireframing, mockups, and prototypes.

With profound knowledge in Front-End development, UI/UX design, and versatility in libraries and frameworks, I am well-equipped to deliver outstanding front-end solutions adhering to industry best practices. His adaptability to different technologies and styling approaches makes him a valuable asset in creating modern and engaging web applications.

My Skills



HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.JS, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Material UI



Python, Linux, Windows, Django, Firebase, API's, Virtualization


UI/UX Design

Figma, Wireframing, Prototyping, Adobe XD


Brand Design

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Logos, Colors, Typography, Icons

My work

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About this project

I have developed a solo full-stack web app that enables users to effortlessly create digital menus showcasing products, prices, and descriptions.

Users can sign up using their Google account, and the app automatically generates a print-ready QR code for their menu page, which can be accessed by customers.

In conclusion, my solo full-stack web app offers users a seamless solution for creating and managing digital menus with ease. The app's features, including Google account integration, automatic QR code generation, and upcoming pro membership with enhanced functionality, make it a versatile tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry. I am excited to continue improving and expanding the app to meet the evolving needs of businesses and customers alike.

  • Full-Stack

  • User Authentication

  • Custom Pages

  • Fully Responsive

  • Easy User Data Manipulation

  • Easily hide unwanted data


About this project

As one of my first projects, I developed a solo fullstack solution for a local restaurant using Next.js, a popular JavaScript library. The app features allow users easy food ordering from a local restaurant.

For the owner, there is an admin page, with complite CMS. That allow them to manage the products available on the page. And it contains the orders page with live notifications and order status change for the costumer.

The app is responsive and mobile-friendly for seamless access on different devices. This project allowed me to gain hands-on experience with Next.js, enhance my front-end skills, and apply best practices in UX/UI design.

  • Fullstack

  • Live Notifications

  • CMS

  • Admin Page

  • Orders Page


About this project

As a solo developer, I created a full-stack e-commerce web app with essential features such as a fully working cart logic, a SANITY database for product management, easy updating of sale logic, and a success page for post-purchase confirmation.

I focused on creating a user-friendly cart system that allowed users to easily add, view, and edit products in their cart. I utilized SANITY CMS for product management, allowing for easy updates without manual coding. I also implemented an admin panel for managing sales and discounts. The success page provided order details and instilled customer trust.

Although payment logic was not implemented, I planned to integrate popular payment gateways for secure processing. I prioritized UX/UI design, responsive design, and security measures. Overall, this project showcased my skills in web development, database management, CMS integration, UI/UX design, and project management.

  • Full-Stack

  • E-commerce Store

  • Full Cart Logic

  • Fully Responsive

  • Products Page